Orienting ourselves

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Fulbright orientation/workshops.  Little did I know that I would be stepping into a culture explosion of amazing!  The passion and tenacity of the alumnae, the wide-eyed grantees, and the accomplished speakers who gave us sage advice filled me with energy and delight.  I knew I was looking forward to meeting my fellow grantees, but I had no idea on how electrifying it could be.  It seemed like there was always a buzz of chatter wherever we went, and if I went to my room for a quick break, I felt like I might have missed something.  Never have I ever wanted to absorb as much as I could in a few days….and then …… when it was all over…..collapse from complete exhaustion because I had absorbed…a lot.

We were all together night and day, and I even got a chance to play “tourist”.  Here are a few snap shots of the week that was Fulbright Orientation.

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2 thoughts on “Orienting ourselves

  1. Kate, this is Suzanne 🙂 (from work); I am truly enjoying your blog thus far! Looking forward to keeping up with you while you are in India!


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