Flying above the clouds.

Wanderlust- a desire to travel
It’s a German word. But Germans might actually use the term “fernweh”.

Fernweh – an ache for distant places; the craving for travel (maybe that should have been the title, right?)

If you break “wanderlust” down into two words you get:

Wander – to move or walk around (Some people look at wandering around as something that people do aimlessly.  I don’t view it that way. I do think of it as a gentle word.  To me, wandering elicits a need to just see where something takes you without a plan.)
Lust – desire or passion, pleasure or delight. (you get the point)

So — I have a desire to walk around?  No.  I mean I like to walk, but when I think of wandering, I almost think about it as an attempt to get lost, be free from the mundane, and explore something new– accidentally on purpose.  I talk about it like it’s some kind of gene or virus — “I’ve got wanderlust”.  Of course it’s not.  I do feel that “ache” to go, do, and see more often than not.   I believe I feel this way because I was brought up in a particularly interesting way.

You see, my dad worked for the State Department while I was growing up, and everywhere he went, my mom, my sisters, and I went with him.  Sometimes it was difficult to pick up and move half way across the world, but I think it’s what I came to know as “normal”.  I liked seeing new places, seeing how things worked “over there”, and I always thought that it made me different.  I liked being different.  Wanderlust has fueled me to try new things, meet new people, and of course immerse myself in new ways of life to not only get to know those places and cultures better, but to know myself better.

I don’t think one has to travel too far to do that anymore.  We have so many technologies that can bring the world to us, but my desire to go to those far off places never stops.  Do you have “wanderlust” or “fernweh”?  Where would you go exploring?

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