A visit to the Hirshhorn


I love DC. The mall is a great area to walk around, even in the rain. There is always a lot of things to see and do.  And of course,  the free museums.  I feel so lucky to live so close by and I get to play tourist frequently.  I visited the Hirshhorn today, which is an art museum right on the mall. It has a round shape and holds art from the impressionists onward.  They have a permanent collection upstairs, while the other 2 galleries rotate exhibits.

Today I went because I wanted to see the art work by, Shirin Neshat.  She’s originally from Iran and the artwork in the exhibit was made up of many pieces over the last 30 years.  She uses a lot of different types of art to examine identity and power in Iran.  She lived there until 1975.

Much of the exhibit has videos she directed that carry political messages and vocalize her view on Iran.  There are also numerous photographs which she writes directly on top of, using direct quotes from books and poems.

I really enjoyed the whole exhibit.  The videos were powerful, she use a lot of music and vocalizations.  All of the videos are played in tandem with other videos.  They are synchronized so that there are 2 stories happening simultaneously.  Much of her artwork is clearly very personal and touches on what it means to be a woman, particularly a woman in Iran.

Check it out before it goes away– September 20, 2015

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