The Sackler Gallery

Freer at night
Not today, but a few months ago when the galleries were open at night.

Today I went on my own field trip to the Sackler Museum in Washington, DC.  I’ve been there many times but I keep going back because they always acquire new art or have amazing exhibitions.  A few months a go I was there for the Peacock Room Remix.  It was an artist’s interpretation of the original Peacock Room that was made for a wealthy family in England.  The original Peacock room is housed in the Freer Gallery, but they’re connected.  So you can see the original and then hop on over to the Sackler to see the Remix.

I went to the Sackler with no idea about what I wanted to see but I stumbled upon this lovely gallery of Buddhas.  It’s pretty interesting.  They come from all over Asia, but the ones that come from near east look rather Eurocentric.  See if you can spot them below.  It’s just a great history lesson, because you realize how much travel and trade was happening all over Asia between 8th-12th century.  Not to mention the techniques involved in the creation of these sophisticated sculptures.  Most of the ones pictured are of metal, like copper, but there are a few others made out of precious materials and stones.

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