The visa

French Light

There is a lot I have to do before I leave for India.  I have a huge checklist of things that I have to complete or get approved before stepping on an airplane.  There are a lot of different people involved in me going to India.  It’s not just me traveling by myself like a vacation.

The big thing that is staring at me on my “to do list” is my visa.  I don’t have to turn it in yet, but I would like to get it completed because it takes a lot of effort to gather the necessary information to secure a visa.

Oh– what’s a visa?  Well, it’s special stamp (or sometimes page) that is put in your passport.  I have to get one because I’ll be staying in India for a long period of time.  Essentially I’m asking India if I can live there for a while.  So when you go to another country intending on studying or living, or working you need to be granted special permission.  Basically they want to know where I’m going, what I’ll be doing and when I plan to leave.  This visa I’m getting will last for 6 months, and allows me a few entries in and out of the country without a problem.

Many places people travel don’t have any kind of special visa if you are only staying in the country for a quick visit.  Or, sometimes you get a visa when you land, and it’s for tourism.  Either way, I find it kind of interesting to look back on my passports to see where I’ve been, what kind of stamps I got.  A passport is a great piece of memorabilia from my travels.

Yes, I do have a few passports, and they all have goofy pictures.  (No, I will not post that, you’ll have to use your imagination).


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