Details from Agra Fort

It’s time for another flashback.  This time some of the details at Agra Fort.

Agra Fort is about a mile and 1/2 from Taj Mahal in Agra.  It’s completely walled and gigantic!  This was the last site I visited on my trip in India last year and, although a wonderful site, I found it to be overwhelming.  Not just because of the size and details.  The history of Agra Fort is rich and dramatic.

Built by the Mughals in the 11th century, it was held and captured over and over again through different kings and sultans. The fort was also the secondary capital at one point. The fort went back and forth between Mughals and Hindus for quite some time, and finally landed in the hands of Akbar (a famous Mughal leader).  Apparently this family had a lot of issues and there are lots of stories about family members taking revenge on each other.  The most notable act of revenge was on Shah Jahan.

Shah Jahan was famous for building the Taj Mahal for his wife.  At the end of his life, Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son  and held captive in a tower at the fort until he died.

The pictures below just showcase a few details of this massive fort.  It really is something to see, and of course has a dreamy view of the Taj mahal.

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