Conceptual maps

This week students were given a new project theme:  Conceptual Mapping.  I must admit, I had to find a way to get maps into my classroom since I love them so much.  For this project students will create conceptual maps of early memories.  Students will get a chance to explore what they remember from their childhood, specifically events, objects, and people that reflect their time in school.

Memory maps are hard, it takes a lot of thinking, reflecting and opening up that big box of memories in our brains.  Sometimes it can be difficult because we may choose to forget certain things.  By choosing to remember things about our past we actually can take ownership of our memories and how we choose to remember them.  Plus, their from our own perspective, without any other outside influences.  By owning up to our past, and maybe revealing some memories about ourselves we can learn that maybe those memories reflect where we are right now.  So the conceptual map provides a space for these memories to tell a story and make sense.

Monday and Tuesday I spent time introducing the project to my students.  We looked at some artists for inspirations.  One of the points I wanted to make while introducing this idea to the students was that it doesn’t have to be a realistic map. In fact, I wanted them to not worry about it so much.  By not worrying about the realism, they can focus on the content.

So stay tuned to see what unfolds with our memory map making.

detail- map
Detail of one of my maps.

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