the leftovers

I took a few days off on my blog to just do some reflection and enjoy the weekend.  This past week I had a birthday and I was taking time out to spend with friends and family.  It culminated into a birthday week, really! I can’t say how much I truly am happy and excited for the next year.  There are so many things that are in the works that include the Fulbright, but also plans in action to figure out what I want to do after it.  I am so grateful for the people in my life, but also for the opportunities I’ve had in my life.  Sure there are ebbs and flows, that is part of life, but each moment can teach me something.  Last night a group of my friends were asking each other a lot of deep questions about what we thought about life, and how we feel about certain things.  One of the questions was:  How do you know when you’re old?

Most of us had the same answer:  When you stop learning.

I think that is why I enjoy teaching so much.  It’s a chance for me to stretch what I already know, but also a chance to learn from my students.  So in that way, my students keep me young.  I enjoy learning from them, and hope that what I share with them registers on some level.  But the moment that I stop learning anything, or experiencing new things, that is when I know I will be old.

So how do you stay young?  Stay grateful, keep learning, and experience new things.

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