Tributary series
Working on some little guys for Artomatic

So, you know I teach.  You know I do yoga.  And you probably figured out by now that I do actually make some art every now and again.  In the last couple of years I’ve been able to create a collection of art that centers around maps.

I make multi-layered, mixed media paintings that use maps as a collage material in an unconventional way. I am interested in re-purposing maps to create imagined or abstracted places and bodies of water. Using a variety of media allows me to create interesting textures and layers with paper, paint, and thread. When working with my art materials I mimic water currents, and the actions of pulling and pushing. I let chance and surprise dictate how I will add each layer, but the artwork is a balance between exploration and extreme control. Two constant threads that run through my work are nature and movement.

So, I’m making a leap to create some sort of solo exhibition at Artomatic 2015! It’s a 6-week art festival, and everyone is invited! It’s a free event and you’ll see all kinds of art work, including installations and performances.  So be on the look out for more information or pictures in the next few weeks.


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