Map Project

Students are still working on the map project and it’s taking some time.  The maps are huge but, I can see a lot of really interesting ideas emerging.  Every student has taken a different take on the project.  Some are being more conceptual about their ideas, while others are finding it extremely important to make a fairly realistic map. Here is a small sampling of “Mapping our Memories:  A conceptual map”.

Heart map
This student chose to start with a heart outline and created a map in the center.
Mexico map
This student is working on a map of Mexico. He’s doing a great job re-creating the country outline. But also writing in important cities that matter to him.
This student has started a drawing showing movement. If you look closely, you can see how the objects get bigger as they move closer.
Another student is using realistic maps as a starting point. He’s currently adding on symbols around the country that represent important events to him.
One of the students is using elements of collage on their map.
In class we looked at ways artists create childlike images to communicate different emotions, feelings, or themes. This students is creating a detailed map of what he remembers when he was growing up.