Back online

After a long absence, I am back.  It’s been a really busy few months and I can’t believe I am just weeks away from India.  Since I’ve been absent from blogging I’ve been researching, organizing, and preparing for the big journey.  I’m still not ready, and have been compiling a list of things I really need to take care of before I leave.  I’m not too worried about it, as I’m going to be living in  big city and they will have all the things I need while I’m there.  However, the key is to pack some things that will allow me to feel like I have a piece of home while I’m away from home.

Through the next 4 months I hope that you’ll follow along as I post what I’m doing in Chennai.  You’ll see pictures, videos, short essays and musings about my daily activities, as well as posts about my project that I’ll be working on (art and yoga).

So I’m back, I’ll be posting regularly and I’ll hope you’ll follow along.

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