Lunchtime Rush Hour


A tuktuk.  We don’t have these in the United States and you may be wondering what they are.  Tuktuks, are also know as auto rickshaws. They are pretty much the way to go around here. They’re good for short trips and are relatively cheap.  There are other forms of transportation, such as taxis, buses, trains, and bikes.

A tuktuk has a motorcycle base with some sort of trailer on top where people sit.  There aren’t any doors or windows (except for the front), but I’ve seen some with plastic flaps to protect riders from the elements.  There isn’t a steering wheel, but a handle bar that the driver uses to weave in and out of traffic.  They’re small, although I’ve already seen large families packed into these machines a few times already.  Kids often take these to and from school, instead of school buses or cars.

It is said that these types of vehicles are more environmentally friendly than a regular car, it could be because they emit less pollutants into the air and run on natural gas.  They don’t go as fast as cars, but it can often feel like you’re on some kind of amusement park ride when in one.

I’m waiting for the day I get one that is fully decked out and decorated.  I haven’t seen one yet, but you can be sure I’ll take pictures and get a video as soon as I do.  Stay tuned.


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