Paperwork and perseverance

Sorry for the long pause.  It’s been quite a busy week. One of the main and required goals of this week was to become registered with the immigration office. It’s one of the things I’ve needed to get off my plate.  I started the process, but it’s not complete. I didn’t have all the “required” paperwork, except I thought I did, but that’s another story.  It’s all about the process.  At one point in the day yesterday, I thought to myself,”  Maybe they just want me to get my money’s worth of Indian paper shuffling.” After the completion of this process I will be required to pay about 150o rupees.  Roughly $20.  That is actually a lot of money here, so they’re just letting me get my money’s worth with making copies, going from office to office, coming back.  Not to mention the hours used to upload all the correct forms to their site.

So I’m still waiting on a couple of documents.  And, I had to create a few documents as well.  The thing is, it doesn’t only involve me, it also involves my affiliate.  It takes their time and energy for all the paperwork too!  Not to mention my landlord.  It’s amazing how many documents I’ve needed for this particular trip.

It’s all part of the process. I’m learning that there really is no one way to do things.

So today, the goal is to try and get part 2 done.  I need to make additional copies of the new paper work I received from my affiliate and landlord, secure an electric bill copy, and turn in my own letter of request for registration.  And no, this doesn’t even make me a citizen!

I think this is just teaching me to take things in stride. This MUST be done.  Just like other things you may not want to do in life, you gotta do them.  It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated when you keep hitting the walls, but you can keep breaking them down or go over them by persistence.  Yes, India requires perseverance in almost every way possible.

In other news– Happy Pongal! (which is a harvest holiday)

Happy Pongal!!!


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