Street Art in Puducherry

I talked a little bit about Auroville last week, but what I really enjoyed was all the street art of Puducherry.  It was something unexpected.  I didn’t really think I’d see this happening in a touristy place among the colonial era buildings.  But there it was, and then I thought, “Yep, the French, they have totally influenced this place.”

This part of Puducherry is almost like being transported to another place.  It doesn’t really seem like you’re in South India.  You are, and you do realize it,  but there is the European influence that makes everything so familiar.  There are quaint street cafes, ice cream shops, art shops, clothing shops. Just about everything that any tourist town would have.  You also realize you can meander.  There isn’t a constant flow of traffic, you can walk almost without any hesitation.  Just be mindful of the open sewer drains!


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