Before I left the US for India I was contacted by a magazine because they saw my art at a local art show.  A few months later, and they’ve published my artwork! I’m so pleased and excited to see my work in print.  Although, this picture was sent to me by wonderful next door neighbor at home.  I haven’t actually seen it in print yet! But I’m looking forward to it when I get home.

So many lessons are learned from past experiences.  I was unsure about putting my art out into the public sphere, but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have other opportunities to share my work.  Sometimes life is about taking risks.  But it’s also the support I’ve had to take those risks.  Along the way I’ve had people saying,” Do it”, “Why not”, “Go for it”.  And they’re right, what do you have to lose?

Sometimes you have to take unexpected twists in turns to learn more about yourself and what is around you.  The rewards, even if they turn out in unexpected ways are sure to be a learning tool for next time!

So here it is, Confluence 1, printed and published:


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