Serenity Beach

Serenity Beach is outside of Pondicherry.  By auto it takes about 1/2 hour.  You zoom through the town and it takes you out towards Auroville.  The beach is a welcoming sight for the traveler who just needs some peace.  You can watch the fishermen bring in the fish, take a walk, and soak in the sights.  There are some cute little cafes to stay cool in and have some awesome beach snacks.  I actually really enjoyed the tofu burger and french fries at the What’s Up  Cafe.  They also have amazing lime sodas.  You can sit back relax, take a surf class, or do absolutely nothing, and just watch the day pass you by.

The big jetty allows you to walk right out to get an amazing view of the beach or the water.  I sat out there for a while and watched the surfers catch waves.


View from What’s Up Cafe.  I’ll have a lime soda,please.
Still trying to understand and comprehend the meaning of this digital art/poster.  What is going on here???


Proof of a funeral comes back from the sea to remind us that everything is temporary.
Fishing here takes a village, it really does.  It is tough seeing how people bring in their boats, sort their catch, and reel in the nets.  Amazing to watch actually.


There is an amazing abundance and variety of shells if you come at the right time.  When I came back to Serenity Beach later in March, they were actually difficult to find.  Probably because of the tide.


Lakshmi!  Goddess of prosperity.

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