More memories of Puducherry

It was a lovely treat to be able to visit “Pondi” many times while I was in India.  The proximity to Chennai made it an easy getaway from the busy city.  Getting there was the hard part– and making yourself return was sometimes even harder.  What was it about Puducherry that I enjoyed so much?  I suppose I would have to say it was a world away from from hectic streets, loud cars honking their horns, and a place where you could just “Give time a break”.

In many ways it was an ideal place to get away, and an artist’s retreat.  In other ways, it’s an easy breezy place in India where you can find good food, nice accommodations and feel like you’re on vacation.

I loved being close to the water, and enjoyed many great meals, but I also really appreciated seeing art on the streets at every turn, the interesting history of the city with a French connection.  In many ways this is not totally India, it’s a little France  inside India, which is strange.  Yoga is also an important part of life, there’s a big ashram, and of course Auroville is close by.

These pictures and videos represent some other vantage points, many from bus trips.  As I look at these pictures I feel happy and calm.  And who doesn’t want to feel that way?


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