This will probably go down as one of the best experiences I have ever had. It’s really no secret that one of my most favorite animals is an elephant.  They are beautiful animals in almost every way.  I’ve seen elephants in zoos when I was a kid, and became hooked on their massive presence.  I had the opportunity to see elephants on safari in Tanzania, and that was the most thrilling experience to witness the massive quietness of their movement.  These animals radiate a special warmth and some how gentleness that you cannot overlook when you are with them.

Elefantastic is a special business that takes care of elephants. It is located outside of Jaipur.  Before we took care of the elephants we had a tasty vegetarian lunch prepared for us by the mother of the owner of Elefantastic.  It was super delicious.  Then we spent the day feeding the elephants, painting the elephants, and washing them clean.  After that we had a lovely ride through the desert, trying relish the entire experience before driving back to our hotel.

These next few pictures are taken from the first part of the day where we fed them and got to know them a bit better.  We were encouraged to be close to them and talk to them, and feed them before we did anything else.  It was amazing to look the elephants right in their eyes and feel the weight of their trunk as it pressed against us when we were close.  It was clear that this is their life.  They eat, get cleaned, walk and sleep. They aren’t forced to labor people up and down Amber Fort or be chained down.  These were happy elephants.



Stay tuned– next up– washing the elephants.

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